ICYD 2020

300 teams: from Hungary to Hong Kong, India to Ireland
1 champion

Save the Date: 2 May 2020

About ICYD

The International Competition for Young Debaters is an annual competition for debaters in Year 10 or below. ICYD uses the British Parliamentary debating format.

Between January and April, regional rounds will take place across the UK, alongside national rounds in countries around the world. Registration costs £50 for teams from independent schools and £40 for state school teams. This price difference has been set to help promote access to this opportunity. Registration for the preliminary rounds has now been closed.

This year’s edition is hosted by the Oxford Union. The Oxford Union is home to controversial and thought-provoking debates and events, often featuring renowned speakers from across industry and politics in the UK and internationally. We exist to promote debate and discussion, and are delighted to host a competition in which young debaters can come together to tackle challenging issues.

Debating Resources

We understand that the British Parliamentary debating format will be new to many students. Here are some resources to help familiarise yourself with the format. In our own experience, we’ve found too few resources easily available for schools’ debaters. Given this, there are a lot of resources below. Pick and choose, as you like. You don’t need to have looked at everything here to do well!

Many of these resources relate to university debating. The key difference is that ICYD speeches will be 5 minutes in length, whereas university BP debating typically uses 7-minute speeches.

Disclaimer: Neither the Oxford Union nor the convenors accept responsibility for or endorse the content of these resources.

Monash Association of Debaters resources:
These resources may help you get started.

Warsaw EUDC speaker scale:
This is the scale we will use to score speakers at this competition. Note that the top bands are used extremely rarely, with world champions typically averaging scores in the low 80s.

Athens EUDC speaker briefing:
This is an in-depth guide for debaters at the most recent European Universities Debating Championship. It might be worth taking a look pp.10-13 on types of motions and pp.15-16 on extension and summary speeches.

If you would like to find high-quality British Parliamentary debates, search on YouTube for out-rounds (quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals) of debating competitions such as WUDC (World Universities Debating Championship), EUDC (European Universities Debating Championship), Australs, HWS (Hobart and William Smith Colleges) Round Robin, Oxford IV, and Cambridge IV – e.g. WUDC 2020 Open Semi-Final.

Get in Touch

The Oxford Union
Frewin Court

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the convenors here.

General Privacy Notice: We care about protecting your personal data and are committed to the principle of data minimisation: that is, we will only process (and store) personal data for as long as is needed to run the competition efficiently and successfully. The Oxford Union Society is the data processor, within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for all personal data processed over the course of ICYD 2020. All personal data are stored with password protection. If you email us, you thereby consent to our limited storage / processing of the personal data contained in all parts of that email communication for administrative and operational purposes. Under the General Data Protection Regulation, anyone on whom we hold personal data is granted certain rights with respect to their data. You can find out more about those rights here, and are welcome to email us if you have any queries.

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